Transfer Date!

I am so so so excited! I just found out my transfer date! July 1st at 1:30! I was so nervous last week after my hormone levels were so low, but it turns out that all I needed was to up the dose of Etradiol to two pills a day and my body responded beautifully! My hormone levels shot up and my lining is 11! At this point last cycle it was only 7 so that it a big difference. To keep track, here are all of my levels and my new medication plan for up until the transfer.



At this point I am feeling mostly excited, but I am starting to get a bit nervous. It’s not a little thing I’m doing and it’s going to be very difficult, especially as a single mother with a very young boy, but this is something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember and I know it will all be worth it when I get to see my IM holding her baby for the first time. Her excitement about finally having an actual transfer date was the sweetest thing to see! She’s going to try and fly in from China for the transfer date which would be amazing! So far we’ve only talked on the phone or on Skype so I would really love to see her in person.


Round Two

Cycle two started on Friday! I’m so excited to finally get started again. The last couple weeks of just sitting and waiting was not fun at all. I am so ready to get things moving again.

So we did some monitoring yesterday, same blood tests and ultrasound. This appointment was completely uneventful, thank goodness! No issues with the orders, no issues making an appointment, no issues with the credit card. It was fast and simple which was so great.

I’ll start keeping track of the rest results here so that I can compare them to future results, although I have no idea what any of it means. 😉

E2 = <20

FSH = 5.49

LH = 9.92

P4 = 0.39

EM = 1.5mm

Follicles R = 7.91mm, 7.29mm

L = 8.87mm, 7.74mm


As of yesterday I am taking 2mg of Estrace 2 times daily, which is exactly what I did last cycle so I am a little nervous that it may not work again. I’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

I just found out that the doctor has decided to drop this cycle because apparently my body wasn’t responding to the hormones well enough. I am completely crushed, as is my IM. We worked really hard and rushed a lot of the process so we could catch this cycle so it really sucks to have to drop it. I’m not sure yet where we go from here, what happens now, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough. We now have at least another month to get through.

Monitoring CD 17

Much like the last two monitoring appointments, this one was a day late as well. There seems to be something else that goes wrong every week, luckily nothing has happened to make us drop the cycle so it’s not that bad, just frustrating. So I left my son with his Godmama and made the 40 minute drive to my outside monitoring clinic only to find out that the credit card they had on file was being declined and they couldn’t do the appointment until it was paid for. We called my agency and tried to figure it out, but they were less than helpful and I ended up having to just go home and scrap the appointment. It was very frustrating. A few hours later my clinic called to ask why there were no test results. Apparently my agency hadn’t talked to them, which they really should have, but together they finally figured everything out and we were able to schedule an appointment for today.

Because of the short notice I was not able to find a sitter so I had to bring my 8 month old with me. He was not happy about that. He was fine in his stroller while I was getting my blood drawn, but when we got to the little room for the ultrasound and they turned off the lights things quickly went down hill. He started screaming and didn’t stop until we were done and I was able to pick him up. Poor boy.

Besides the frustrations, the appointment went well. My uterus lining went from measuring 8.5 to 10.44! The doctor said that is perfect and I should be ready for transfer. Very exciting! I should hopefully get the transfer date tonight, for real this time. 😉

Monitoring CD 11

I was supposed to get some testing done yesterday, CD 10, but we had an issue scheduling an appointment again. My clinic never sent the test orders to my outside monitoring clinic among a few other issues, but it ended up working out and we were able to get the testing done this morning. Again. It was just blood tests and a transvaginal ultrasound to check how the lining of my utertus is progressing on the medication. The doctor said my lining was at 7.5 and he usually looks for 8+. I have no idea what those numbers mean, but I’m assuming it’s the thickness of the uterine lining. He also said i should be over 8 in a few days! Yay! They’ll send results from these tests to my clinic today and then this evening I should hear about what the plan for the rest of the cycle is as far as the timeline/medication etc.

Speaking of medication! Remember that massive amount of pills, needles, etc. I got? Well the only thing I have been told to take is the estrogen. So I’ve only been taking 2 tiny pills a day and have no idea what the rest is for. Maybe I’ll find out today. I do know we’re doing a more natural cycle hopefully so maybe the other medication is only a possibility. I’ll just have to wait and see!


Other than that it has been a pretty slow week. We are just waiting until my uterus is ready for transfer at this point, which should be in 7/8 days! I should find out tonight. 😉

Holy needles!

Yesterday we had the issue of not having an appointment for the CD3 (cycle day 3) screening, so I had the pleasure of driving the 30 minutes back to the clinic this morning. Luckily it wasn’t a problem to do the test on CD4. My little boy napped the entire way there and was happy to play with his aunty while I got the trans-vaginal ultrasound done, so that was a plus. It was really no big deal at all. I was called back, they drew some blood to check my hormone levels, I went into the exam room to change and I was hardly able to finish before the doctor came in. The ultrasound was incredibly fast and pain free. It took less than 5 minutes and everything seemed to look good which was nice. That was it for testing, my next appointment will be on CD 10.


Today was also the day I received most of my medication, more should arrive tomorrow. From what I understand these are hormones to sort of trick my body into thinking it’s pregnant already, prepare my uterus, and just get everything ready for the transfer. Here is a photo of all the fun, and yes, that is a huge bag of needles.



I got an email explaining how I’m supposed to take what and when, but I’m planning on calling the clinic in the morning to ask someone to walk me through it because it’s a lot of medication and I don’t want to mess anything up.


On a side note, my poor IM (intended mother) is so nervous right now. We are having to rush everything to keep up with my cycle and she is so scared we’re not going to catch this cycle. It feels like we’ll be fine, we seem to be getting everything done. Hopefully I’ll be pregnant by this time next month! I am pretty nervous about the transfer though. We will be using her last eggs and I know I’ll feel guilty if they don’t stick and we have to move on to a donor. There’s nothing more I can do, I can’t magically make sure I get pregnant, but it would be sad.

Frustrations and psychological evaluation

We are trying really hard to catch this months cycle because my IM has had a lot of set backs on her journey, but that means that everything is a bit rushed and some things are falling through the cracks. Well, really only one thing so far. I’m on cycle day 3 today (CD3) which just means the third day after my period started and there are certain tests that need to be done on CD 2/3. I live over 6 hours away from the clinic we’re working with so I am doing the tests locally and having the results faxed over to the clinic. Well, I got the test orders yesterday afternoon, but no one told me where to go for the testing and everyone had gone home for the day so I was out of luck. Luckily I remembered the doctor mentioning a place that did testing so I went there this morning, but it turns out they could only do the blood work, not the transvaginal ultrasound, so I called my agency and they sent me to a clinic about 30 minutes away assuming I didn’t need an appointment. After a 30 minute drive with a crying baby I get there and it turns out that I did need an appointment and they couldn’t fit me in. The nurse gave my agency a little talking to as the same thing had happened to another girl that morning. After a big fuss and a lot of calling around we were able to schedule an appointment for tomorrow morning. It completely sucks to have to go all the way back after a wasted trip, but my IM is worth it. I just hope nothing like this happens again.

I do know that I am getting medications sent to me tomorrow. I don’t know any of the important stuff like what it is, when I take, etc. I’ll have to give the clinic a call tomorrow. I will say that although it is nice to not have to wait for anything, it’s a little stressful to have everything happen in such a rushed manner.


Moving on, I just realized I forgot to talk about the psychological examination. It was sperated into two sections, an online questionnaire and an interview. The questionnaire was 344 questions, all multiple choice. It was basically a bunch of statements and you said how much they relate to you. It seemed like it’s main purpose was to make sure you didn’t suffer from any extreme depression, mental health issues, or substance abuse. The phone call was pretty short. She asked me a lot of questions about my past, myself, my family, why I wanted to be a surrogate, what I might do with the money. It was mainly to make sure I am emotionally stable enough to do this and that I am doing this for the right reasons. Turns out I am, which I knew already, because I passed. 😉